Time goes on and things change

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For a number of reasons, this is our first post in over two years. At first is was just being incredibly busy with kids and sports and trying to keep this whole operation afloat. It then became complacency and ultimately landed on neglect.
There is quite a bit of work that goes into creating a post and having it online for our readers to see. First you cook everything and plate it, the get it into the correct light and take a bunch of pictures. Next, you eat the meal that you just made because usually we weren’t cooking things just for the site — it was tonight’s dinner. Then came the photo editing and writing the article. At first it was fun, then it was work and the work paid maybe a few dollars per month. I’m not complaining, we never intended to get rich off the site, but life and other priorities took over.
So, why now? Like a lot of you we very suddenly and without much choice in the matter have a lot of free time on our hands. With the direction we are going a lot of the experience that we picked up along the way seems like it is going to come in handy. We never really gave up 100% on making things from scratch, we just didn’t take the time to document it. Since we are no longer beholden to a sports schedule or any schedule for that matter, at least one of my excuses is gone. If nothing else cooking and blogging about it will occupy some of my time and be therapeutic during these difficult times.