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Weekly Menu 11/2

Now begins another busy week in our house.  The first dish on the menu this week is compliments of some inspiration gathered at the farmers market this morning.  It started with a sample of locally made hummus.  Not just locally made, but awesome hummus regardless of where it was created.  We are just fortunate enough …

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Weekly Menu: March 15

Saturday: Kids: Fish Sticks and cous cous; E & K: filet mignon, pan fried potatoes and broccoli Sunday: Beef short rib stew with mashed potatoesMonday: Sweet and sour chicken with rice and broccoli Tuesday: Pasta fagioli with Italian rolls Wednesday: Chicken stew with biscuits Thursday: Leftovers Friday: Macaroni and Cheese with broccoli  


Hot cocoa

There is nothing better than a nice cup of hot cocoa after spending some time playing outside in a cold winter day.  Because of this we have always kept the powdered mix on hand for the kids.  With the Only From Scratch we have going on, the mix seems to be a big no-no.  After …