Weekly Menu 11/2

Now begins another busy week in our house.  The first dish on the menu this week is compliments of some inspiration gathered at the farmers market this morning.  It started with a sample of locally made hummus.  Not just locally made, but awesome hummus regardless of where it was created.  We are just fortunate enough to have it available nearby.  The bad news about the meal that was so inspired is that it was really tasty and I was hungry when the cooking was completed.  This means, no pictures.  We’ll get a recipe post with pictures as soon as we can.

Saturday – Greek chicken with hummus, fresh made pita and roasted brussels sprouts

Sunday – Steak with mushroom risotto

Monday – Kale and sausage pasta

Tuesday – Jambalaya

Wednesday – Ham and cheese quiche with farmers market broccoli

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Homemade pizza