Six Weeks of Food Blogging and We Haven’t Quit Yet

Only From Scratch has been live for six weeks now! Woot! Woot!  Traffic has picked up considerably this week after we finally cracked the food photography secret code.  Acceptances with Foodgawker and Tastespotting has led to a traffic boom and increased exposure of our growing blog.  So if you’re checking us out please bookmark us, pin it, or share us because we’re just getting started!  We thrive on the attention.

Starting January first we really got serious about the scratch cooking project.  It’s very overwhelming to look at your pantry and declare war on all those cans, bags and boxes of processed junk.  We have whittled our pantry down to a whole lot of nothing.  Our grocery bills have shrunk, so much so, that the man who delivers our groceries commented about how small our order was last week.  Over the last few weeks we’ve transformed our kitchen into a home bakery, producing breads, rolls, muffins and cookies that are delicious and picture perfect.  Our mindset is changing and the reliance on store bought products is decreasing! And we’re realizing that it’s really not that hard!

I’m a numbers gal so let’s break the Only From Scratch project down by the numbers:

  • Number of unique visitors (week 1): 12
  • Number of unique visitors (week 6): 1,449 (and counting)
  • Overall Foodgawker rejection rate: 80%
  • This week’s Foodgawker rejection rate: 30%
  • Average weekly grocery bill for the month of December: Approximately $150
  • Average weekly grocery bill for the month of January: Approximately $125
  • Muffins consumed this month: Roughly three dozen
  • Bread purchased from the store:  None!
  • Pounds gained: Surprisingly zero

So in our first six weeks, we’re having fun shooting pictures of our dinner and watching our two year old recreate our photo shoots whenever she steals pots, pans and the like.  We are enjoying the benefits of cleaner eating.  We’re saving money and we’re excited to be producing a website that we’re proud to share!  We hope you’ll share us too and keep coming back as we continue to experiment with scratch cooking everything!

Upcoming projects that you won’t want to miss:

  • Making our own pasta
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Ice cream
  • Leave a comment, we’re open to suggestions!