Keeping things up

This month has been busy.  I mean B-U-S-Y.  Add to our typical busy weekends two weddings, two baby and one bridal shower.  Mix in two children’s birthdays and it makes for a month where you don’t get much chance to catch your breath.  We do have a few minutes today so we are going to start catching up as best we can.  There were quite a few repeat recipes this month, so most of the updates will be to get the weekly menus current. We did end up with a one great new recipe, one of which we did not get any pictures of because we ate all of it. It was that good.  I guess we’ll have to make it again soon.  Keep an eye out for the recipe for beef short rib stew.

Even with things being as busy as they have been this month, we have stuck with cooking things from scratch at home.  Well, mostly.  We have gotten a bite to eat for lunch a couple of times, but hung in there better than I expected we would.  Still have bought no bread.  We have made more Italian bread, sub rolls, pretzel rolls and the weekly sandwich bread.

Expect more updates to come soon as we are starting to get back to normal.