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VacMaster PRO260 to the rescue

VacMaster PRO260 Quick Marinating
Use the VacMaster PRO260 for Quick Marinating

When you are cooking food from scratch it becomes essential to plan and prepare for meals that require extra time for marinating to achieve optimum flavor.  This becomes especially crucial when you are trying to prepare a meal after work and before practice or games or whatever takes up your time during the evening.  I ran into that earlier this week. I was making our honey jalapeno grilled chicken and didn’t marinate the chicken ahead of time.  I was left with about 45 minutes before I needed to have dinner ready and on the table.  That is nowhere enough time to allow the chicken to take on the flavors from the marinade.  Then it dawned on me, our VacMaster PRO260 vacuum sealer has a bowl attachment thingy, I was pretty sure it can quick marinate.  And all along I thought it was just a bowl to get in the way when I was trying to get the sealer in and out of the cabinet.  I pulled out the sealer and the bowl attachment and attached it to the tube and tossed our chicken and marinade in. 

Once the unit was turned on, I hit the marinate button and off it went.  In 15 minutes it went through a few suction cycles.  When it was done, I tossed in on the grill and cooked it as I normally would. 
The results were impressive.  There was no real taste difference between traditional marinating and using the VacMaster PRO260 suction method.

VacMaster PRO260 marinating tips and tricks:

I found that layering the marinade and the protein gave me the best results.  Put a little on the bottom of the bowl, add a single layer of protein and marinade and repeat until the bowl is full or you have added all of your protein and marinade.