We’re all going to quit our jobs and start a food blog!

Well, not really, but we have a lot of changes that we want to make as far as the types of foods that we eat and even more importantly the way that we feed our children.  This blog is a way for us to document our progress. I find that in everything that I do if there is a way to make me accountable, I tend to be more successful.  Even if only the wife and I are the only ones to read these articles, it will force me to create new changes and keep track of them.

I started by posting things to Facebook about how we made something from scratch and one day my sister asked me something about us “eating clean”.  I had never heard the term before and over the next few weeks I heard it a few more times from completely unrelated sources.  I had never looked for or needed a term for what it was that the missus and I were doing.  To us it all boiled down to feeding less garbage to our family.  After we started reading labels a few years ago we started to be amazed by the contents of everything that we were eating.  From chemicals and preservatives to God knows what.  It was then that we decided that we needed to do better for our family.  But, how do two people working full time with kids and karate and soccer make time to cook foods from scratch?  And, more importantly, make food from scratch that kids will actually eat!

We are inviting you along for the ride; good, bad or otherwise.  This will probably not end up being like a lot of other food blogs because at the end of the day, we are still just a couple that is doing what we can with the time and resources we have available to us.  You will see that we are not using thousands of dollars of specialized equipment, or presenting everything on expensive china with silver flatware.  Don’t be surprised to see pictures of food presented on our decade old Corelle plates (chipped edges and everything) or our mismatched cookware and utensils.  They may not be pretty, but we use and love them! We will do our best to use the “good” china, though.  You know stuff, service for eight for the princely sum of less than $100 at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.  Try not to be jealous, but we are like a lot of you guys out there and we don’t pretend to be anything else.  We hope our experiences show that anyone can do this and it doesn’t have to be a lot of extra work or expense.  You may even find that you save some money along the way.  Stay tuned as we make great things for our family and probably some mistakes that both you and I will learn from!  Feel free to leave comments or make request.  That is what this is all about, learning ways to cook great tasting food that is free of all the bad stuff that is in a lot of the commercially available food.  Remember, all the pre-made food that you can buy in the store used to be made from scratch “back in the day”.  It’s time to start bringing “back in the day” back to today.