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Dinner Pasta Recipes

Fresh spaghetti pasta

I have written about fresh made pasta before.  This is to update my processes.  This summer I picked up a hand cranked pasta roller. This really simplifies the process and produces a much more consistent end product.  Plus the cutter that came with my machine cuts in two different sizes, thin like capellini pasta, or …

Pasta Pork

Kale and sausage pasta

One of the vegetables that we were most looking forward to from the garden is kale.  We became quite fond of it when we were receiving it from our CSA last summer so we planted quite a bit of it.  This time of year is prime time for kale and our garden is no exception. …


Fresh made fettuccine pasta

Pasta comes from a box that you find at the supermarket, right?  Not true, before there were supermarkets, or markets of any kind pasta was made from scratch in the home.  You need only four ingredients and 99% of you have them in your home right now.  The process is fairly easy, but the rolling …

Dinner Pasta Recipes

Stuffed Shells

I am a big fan of meals that make large amounts that can be used for left over night.   Stuffed shells always goes over well in our household and isn’t too difficult to prepare.  Ricotta cheese isn’t my favorite so it’s taken me awhile to find a cheese ratio that works well. 

Chicken Pasta

Pad Thai

Another one of my Thai takeout favorites is Pad Thai.  Since the spicy fried rice turned out so well, I decided to try my hand at making Pad Thai.  From my searching, I found that there are quite a few variations on this recipe, some of them are quite complicated and some are pretty basic. …


Pasta Carbonara

Illness struck our house this week.  As the virus finished its sweep through the household what better way to tempt fate and see what you’re really made of than to challenge your stomach with a rich, creamy dinner full of cheese, eggs and bacon than with a delicious pasta carbonara recipe?  Go big or go …