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Chicken Dinner

Chicken Stew with Biscuits

Any meal that requires this many moving parts and continues to make it to my table on a regular basis has to be outstanding.  The recipe is intimidating.  One of my colleagues requested my chicken and biscuits recipe and laughed at me the next day when she discovered that I do not use refrigerator biscuits.  We …

Chicken Dinner

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Before I left work today, everyone was talking about what type of food that they were ordering for dinner tonight.  I must admit that I was seriously considering ordering a pizza.  When I arrived home, I found Eric toiling away in the kitchen whipping up homemade Chinese food.  The results were 1000x better than anything I’ve ever …

Dinner Soups & Stews

Pasta Fagioli

My two year old daughter reviewed this meal tonight without even being asked.  About halfway through dinner she shouted out “Yummy in my tummy!”  Toddlers are a notoriously difficult crowd to please, so I take any positive comments about the food I put in front that kiddo very seriously.  Needless to say, this meal gets …