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Chicken Dinner

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Before I left work today, everyone was talking about what type of food that they were ordering for dinner tonight.  I must admit that I was seriously considering ordering a pizza.  When I arrived home, I found Eric toiling away in the kitchen whipping up homemade Chinese food.  The results were 1000x better than anything I’ve ever …

Dinner Soups & Stews

Pasta Fagioli

My two year old daughter reviewed this meal tonight without even being asked.  About halfway through dinner she shouted out “Yummy in my tummy!”  Toddlers are a notoriously difficult crowd to please, so I take any positive comments about the food I put in front that kiddo very seriously.  Needless to say, this meal gets …

Chicken Dinner Pasta

Utica Chicken Riggies

Growing up just outside of Utica means that chicken riggies were a must have at picnics, family functions, and on restaurant menus.  Interestingly, if you stray too far from the Utica/Rome region people don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.  Over the past few years, I have seen Utica chicken riggies popping up on menus …